The Lord has received a beautiful soul in heaven. Linda, our beloved physician, mentor, friend, sister, wife and mother, left this world a little less bright on Feb. 15, 2022.

Linda was a compassionate and determined physician. Her patients loved her and trusted their lives to her. Linda’s devotion, love and care for them was unsurpassed. She would never give up on them. She walked hundreds, if not thousands, of journeys down the cancer road with them. She knew their life story, she knew their hopes, dreams and fears. Linda was determined to help them live their lives to the best outcome. The patients and families who were in her care, will never know a fiercer fighter for them than Linda.

The staff at the Spencer Cancer Center loved their matriarch. Everyday she stood side by side with them to care and fight for her patients. She would rise early to make sure all tests, orders and schedules were complete. She would stay until the job was finished and make sure there were no stones left unturned. The sacrifice she made to care for others will never be truly known. Linda’s legacy will be carried on by her colleagues and staff at The Spencer Cancer Center.

Linda was a competitor. She challenged herself her whole life. Her determination took a 14-year-old immigrant girl from South Korea, who spoke no English at the time, to become the successful woman we all love. She was an avid runner. She ran two half-marathons and 12 marathons as we watched from the sidelines. When she set a goal, she saw it through then set another goal. She was always moving forward in life and never settled for “the status quo.”

Linda was not confrontational but she was a strong protector of her family, friends, and patients. She was an advocate for what was right. And boy was she stubborn! When she drew her line in the sand you knew it. Not in an ugly way but when she knew she was right, she usually was, and it was futile to argue.

 Linda loved to travel. Disney cruises and especially the beach. These times shared with her family and friends were precious to her and those she loved. She loved the sun on her face and being able to relax. We wish she could have made it to the beach one more time. We know she is somewhere walking barefoot in the sand.

Linda loved, and we mean loved her University of North Carolina basketball team. She shared her love of all things UNC with her friends and patients but especially her family and niece JoAnn. She decorated her office and exam rooms with UNC memorabilia. Her office was an extension of her passion that she shared with her patients and staff.

Linda never forgot a birthday or special occasion. She always sent handwritten cards and gifts. We should practice the distinctive touch she showed in this way. It means the world to someone. Linda would offer her home for celebrations. parties, showers, dinners for high school dances, senior photos, anything to share and bring happiness to others. Linda would love for us to show random acts of kindness to each other.

Linda loved her family. She loved Kermit and Spencer. She loved Spencer from the first moment she saw him. Seeing a picture of Linda holding Spencer in the South Korean airport is the epitome of the unconditional love she had for him. Please hold Spencer in your heart for Linda. He is going to need her village to be there for him.

Kermit and Linda met at a dog park in Birmingham. Their love for dogs brought them together and they shared that love to the end. Chi, Cassie, and Hashbrown are all with her now. Ruby and Jordan (otherwise known as F5) will continue to hold the fort down here for a while longer.

Linda and Kermit were the Ying and Yang for each other for20 years. One of Kermit’s favorite quotes is Linda saying to him “I knew you loved me when I first saw your pupils dilate” which is soooo Linda. Linda was the left-brain thinker, fact based, scientific, methodical planner. Kermit is the right brain thinker, creative, out of the box, visual planner. Together they made an unstoppable team. Kermit was always doing something “crazy” like showing up at home with Talbot’s actual big red doors when the store closed in Auburn, to liberating a Krispy Kreme “hot now” sign and repurposing it into a pool table light. Linda would roll her eyes at most of these things, but the Talbot doors are still there and the Krispy Kreme pool light made a magical comeback in the past few years. That is how they rolled as a couple.

Most of all, Linda will be remembered as a child of God. She was a faithful servant throughout her life. Her self-less acts of love and kindness and the lives she touched will continue her legacy. Her purpose was to serve, which she did until the end.

We are all shocked and saddened by the loss of our friend. This world is a cruel place sometimes and situations happen that we cannot understand. This is one of those times. It is not supposed to be this way and it is surreal to all of us.

If you want to celebrate Linda Lee Farmer’s life … Be kind to one another. Take care of one another. Linda spent her life as a beacon of hope for many. Hope was her gift to the world. It is our responsibility to carry this beacon of hope for her. Without hope there is nothing. Hope in the future. The hope in meeting her again someday. When you think of Linda, she would want you to smile and believe in the hope of tomorrow. It is the least we can do to continue her legacy.

Linda is survived by her Godparents Tom and Vicki Hunt; her husband Kermit Paul Farmer III; her son Spencer Kermit Farmer; their dogs Ruby and Jordan; her Aunt Inae Manuel; her brother Junmo Lee (Youngshin), her sister Enjoo Joung (Yong); her nephews Andrew Joung and Josh Lee and her nieces Joanne Joung and Hannah Lee. She also leaves behind many beloved family and friends living in America, South Korea and Japan who will miss her beyond measure. We live to tell her story.

Donations can be made to the EAMC Foundation Spencer Cancer Center Patient Fund or The Lee County Humane Society.

The funeral service will be held at Auburn United Methodist Church on Feb. 26 at 2 p.m. CST.

The church is located at137 S. Gay Street in Auburn. No visitation. No graveside service due to cremation.

All guests are encouraged to wear light blue (UNC blue) that attend.