On Aug. 20 and Aug. 21  U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL), Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, released statements expressing his concerns that President Biden has yet to produce a plan for safely evacuating all Americans from Afghanistan.

Issued Aug. 21:

“Just yesterday, President Biden stood in front of the American people and said no American in Afghanistan was having trouble getting through Taliban checkpoints to the airport. Today, Embassy Kabul is telling American citizens in Afghanistan ‘to avoid traveling to the airport’ due to security threats outside the airport.

“President Biden also told the American people that the Taliban had not attacked Americans in Afghanistan. When in fact, his own Secretary of Defense contradicted him, confirming that the Taliban has gone after Americans, and called it ‘unacceptable.’

“The Biden-Harris administration is failing this moment. While Americans are trapped in a dangerous situation this administration created, the President seems unwilling to do what needs to be done to keep our citizens safe. The President needs to wake up and give us a plan now for how we get our fellow Americans and allies safely out of Afghanistan.”

Issued Aug. 20:

“President Biden’s address on Afghanistan once again ignored reality. This catastrophe was completely avoidable had the Biden-Harris administration bothered to produce a plan. There are thousands of Americans in Taliban-controlled territories around the country and the Biden-Harris administration cannot provide an accurate accounting of how many Americans are left. We are seeing heartbreaking video of parents handing off their children to American soldiers as Afghan allies, women and children fearing for their lives are trying desperately to flee the Taliban. This is the so called ‘America is Back’ foreign policy of President Biden and Vice President Harris.

“It’s time for the Biden-Harris administration to take ownership of their failure and do everything in their power to get every American home safely. It’s time for President Biden and Vice President Harris to stop shirking the responsibilities of the offices they occupy.

“I will ask again, President Biden and Vice President Harris: where is your plan for Afghanistan?”