By Kayla Evans
For the Opelika Observer

A special time for juniors and seniors every spring is prom. Students love to get dressed up in dresses and suits and go to the event with their dates. A big question for all high school students this year was if they were going to get prom.

Prom is looking very different for every high school this year, but many schools are still trying to find a way to provide a memorable night for their students.

Opelika High School is having a movie premiere on Friday in place of prom. The school planned a red-carpet event at AMC Theatres Tiger 13 in Opelika. Each student is allowed a date.

“We evaluated where we are with the current health order and tried to find a safe, responsible event that we could have a fun night at,” Opelika High School principal Dr. Farrell Seymore said.

The school rented out the entire theatre for the evening. Students have the opportunity to choose from a number of different movies: some old, some brand new and some not even released yet.

“It will be a red-carpet premiere event in that we will have a red carpet and a DJ to announce the student’s and their guest’s names coming in,” Seymore said.

The start time is determined by the movie that the student chooses, and the school is asking the students to wear a mask when not eating and to observe social distance guidelines.

“Well, a lot of us were disappointed that we weren’t going to have a traditional prom, but it’s still something we can remember and attend,” Taylor Smith, senior at Opelika High School, said. “It’s better than having nothing to go to so I’m happy to have it, and I think it’ll be fun.”

The event is free to the students and open to all juniors and seniors.

“It is a formal event in that we are encouraging the kids to dress up and to make it a fun night,” Seymore said. “It will be just like a movie premiere if you will. That’s what we want to do to make it an exciting night, something different and memorable.”

On March 19, Lee-Scott Academy had a prom dinner for the junior and senior class. The event was held at Legacy at Serenity Farms. Each couple in attendance was announced to the parents and others in attendance. At the end, the prom king and queen was announced.

“After I announced each couple, we allowed the parents time to take pictures,” Lee-Scott Academy principal Donna Lloyd said. “Students then sat at a table socially distanced and had a dinner catered by Long Pine Hospitality of prime rib or chicken, salad, vegetables and finished with cheesecake.”

At the end of the dinner, the Lee-Scott Academy parents sponsored a dance for the students.

Auburn High School is hosting “A Night Amidst the Stars” on April 10 in the Auburn High School courtyard. The event is for seniors and their dates, and it will feature special prizes throughout the night.

From 7:30 to 9:30, the students will attend a movie premiere with a red carpet at the school and there will be a dessert café. The event is taking place of a traditional prom.