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Based on Governor Kay Ivey’s Vaccine Allocation Plan, the groups below became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Alabama on February 8—and the list of groups has not yet changed. “Based on her plan, we are still in Phase 1B, with the exception that ages 65-74 were added at the same time that this phase opened,” said John Atkinson, EAMC spokesman. “Unfortunately, we are having people register under the “Frontline Critical Workers” category who do not currently fit the criteria and we are having to turn them away at the door.”

 Among the work groups who most often mistakenly believe they are currently eligible are workers in hair and nail salons, individual caregivers, retail (other than grocery stores), and workers in real estate and financial institutions. “All of them have valid work reasons for wanting to be vaccinated—and we want them to be vaccinated—but we are bound by the criteria set forth by the state,” said Atkinson. “We are also very eager to vaccinate people younger than 65 who have high-risk medical conditions. As soon as we are able to open Phase 1C, we will notify the community and update our registration portal.”

Person age between 65 and 74 years

Person age 75 years and older

Frontline Critical Workers


Education sector (teachers, support staff, higher education)

Corrections officers

Food and agriculture workers*

US Postal Service**


Grocery stores

Public transit***

Judiciary (including but not limited to) circuit or district judges and district attorneys

EMS/First Responders

Healthcare workers in business settings (hospitals, doctor’s offices, etc.)

*ADPH describes this group as those engaged in the production and supply of food products. Please note that “food service” workers are in Phase 1C which has not been opened yet.

**Our interpretation is that other delivery services fall under “Transportation and Logistics” in Phase 1C.

***Our interpretation is that this applies to mass public transit, such as buses, and does not apply to individually operated vehicles.

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