By Kayla Evans
For the Opelika Observer

Bill and Robbie’s Excellent BBQ Adventure offers barbecue and other southern comfort food with a twist on certain days. Operating out of John Emerald Distillery, the restaurant offers limited plates that are first come, first served. Customers have the option to order there or call ahead to reserve a plate. It also offers curbside pickup.

Each weekend has different specials that are announced ahead of time, but some delicious items always on the menu are chief’s pulled pork sandwich, Jamaican jerk chicken tacos, kings stuffed pork loin sliders, redneck BBQ nachos and many others. They also have some desserts, such as red velvet cheesecake.

Along with serving food, they also offer catering for different events.

“We do BBQ, but it is BBQ with a twist,” aid co-owner Bill Schwenk. “The only real traditional BBQ we do is our pulled pork. Everything else has a twist on it. Our chicken casserole, we take the chicken and smoke it and put it in the casserole. All of our meats are smoked first. We are a BBQ company, but it is not a traditional place.”

Schwenk and Robbie Hughes started this business in January 2021. They both have had a love for cooking that started in the last few years, and they had been talking about starting a food truck at some point.

Scwenk and Hughes want to give back to the community and help people in a time of need. In the past, they have given 10% of their proceeds to someone in need and also made meals for others.

“We wanted to partner with our community and help people within our community and hopefully be able to feed people,” Schwenk said. “That’s a very key part of what we want to do. To be an active part of our community and meet some needs when we see that need and when it is presented to us.”

They will be closed Feb. 19 and 20 but will be open again Feb. 26 and 27. For more information about Bill and Robbie’s Excellent BBQ Adventure, go to its Facebook page at