Courtesy of the
City of Opelika

The City of Opelika and the engineering department have released a list of roads that are estimated to be resurfaced in the 2020 fiscal year, weather and pandemic permitting.

List of Streets:

• South Long Street (Frederick Road to Donald Avenue)

• Hamer Place (Jeter Avenue to end)

• Dickson Street (Andrews Road to Westpoint Parkway)

• Norman Court and Street (Andrews Road to cul-de-sac)

• Four Courts off Douglas Street (Albert, Mitchell, Southers, McCray)

• Sedgefield Lane (Grand National Parkway to the end)

• Gateway Drive (Society Hill Road to Marvin Parkway – Patching)

• South 10th Street (Columbus Parkway to Avenue B)

• Avenue A (South 10th Street to South 9th Street)

• Avenue B (South 10th Street to South 9th Street)

• North 8th Street (2nd Avenue to North Railroad)

• North 7th Street (2nd Avenue to North Railroad)

• Sandray Drive (India Road to Bengal Drive)

• Pine Avenue (Northhills Drive to Rocky Brook Road)

• North 3rd Street (2nd Avenue to 6th Avenue)

• North 2nd Street to 5th Avenue (2nd Avenue to N 3rd Street)

• North Railroad (North 6th Street to North 5th Street)

• Samantha Lane (Lori Lane to Gwynne’s Way)

The contractor has already communicated that due to the coronavirus and being short on workers, they cannot give an estimated time frame of when these projects throughout the city will begin. The city’s engineering department is continuing to monitor the situation and will keep the public informed.

“The city will communicate any road closures and when work will begin through its website and social media,” said Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller. “We appreciate your patience while we make these improvements to our great city.”

For more information, contact Scott Parker, City of Opelika Engineer, at 334-705-5450 or