By Hannah Lester

Although the coronavirus pandemic makes it difficult for people to gather together, the city of Smiths Station is looking to the future. Thursday, the city held a ribbon cutting for its new event center, The Junction.

“It’s our gift as the current council of the city of Smiths Station to give back to our community,” said Mayor Bubba Copeland. “We believe it’s very, very beautiful.”

The Junction is currently set up with several picnic tables set up in front of a large TV screen, platform and fireplace.

“This is a public place for people to come together,” Copeland said. “You know, you can have a family picnic here.”

The Junction will be used for city events, as well as things like weddings or parties, Copeland said. Additionally, the farmer’s market will be able to meet at The Junction.

On Saturdays, The Junction will be home to live entertainment, Copeland said.

The project was completed with help from contractors, builders, electricians, etc., many of whom worked at half-price, the mayor said.

“We want to thank every single builder that helped on this, there’s at least fifteen of them out here,” he said. “Thank you for all your hard work and creativity.”

Over the last two years the council has worked to make The Junction a reality.

“We don’t have a public place to gather … this is kind of an outdoor community center,” he said. “With what we’re living in now with COVID, it’s best to keep your social distancing as well as be outside.”