By Morgan Bryce

Grueling work weeks and exposure to the virus responsible for the worldwide pandemic are daily stressors that many healthcare workers are dealing with every shift, including those at East Alabama Medical Center. Carrie and David Beesley of the Auburn-based outdoor lighting company Glitter and Glow decided to pitch in to help make their days a little brighter.
Last week, the couple and their team set up lights on the trees outside the hospital’s main lobby entrance and Surgery Center, which will be particularly appreciated by staff working on second or third shift. EAMC officials responded by posting a thank-you message on Facebook, writing “Thank you Glitter and Glow for decorating our facility to bring joy to our #healthcareheroes!”
The Beesleys responded to the message with a post on their Facebook page late last Tuesday evening, explaining their motivation behind the kind gesture to the hospital and its employees, which is shared in its entirety below.
“Watching the positivity and service happening in our community right now has been a really uplifting and inspiring experience. We’ve seen so many examples of people going out of their way to support small businesses, and are especially thankful to those who have supported us in ours. We’ve also been able to witness a great rallying of support around the medical community at the front lines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including meals and supplies donated to the hospital staff daily, as well as prayer groups, religious services and special shift-change gatherings for the benefit of these amazing doctors and nurses. We also felt the call to contribute what we could to this cause by spreading a little light and cheer for the hospital staff and patients at (EAMC). The great staff at EAMC gave us permission to put up a special lighting display that we hope will represent the collective love and support of our community. To give credit where it is most certainly due, we have to thank our amazing employees and friends who didn’t hesitate to volunteer their time and effort to install this project. This would not have been possible without them. Please continue to keep our medical professionals in your hearts and prayers during this difficult season.”
According to a description on the company website, the Beesley’s have been installing holiday decorations and lighting since 2008. In 2018, they expanded their services through Glitter and Glow to include landscape lighting design and installation, “utilizing quality low-voltage architectural/landscape lighting fixtures.”
For more information, call 334-663-4446 or like and follow their Facebook page. See photos of the display on A7.