Special to the
Opelika Observer

Congressman Mike Rogers made the following remarks last week after President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address last week.
“In his magnificent State of the Union speech, President Trump unapologetically and boldly defined American greatness. Because of President Trump’s vision and policies, America is great again. His stories of the sacrifices, heroism and dreams of the Americans he recognized at his speech stirred our hearts, brought tears to our eyes and made us immensely proud.
“It is unfortunate Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats chose spite, pettiness and disrespect over honoring our nation on this special night. Any American watching the speech was given a clear choice for our future. I strongly stand with President Trump and his vision of America’s great future of freedom,” Rogers said.
Rogers serves as ranking member on the Committee on Homeland Security and a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee.