Special to the
Opelika Observer

“People don’t fail because they aim high and miss, but because they aim low and hit. CWJC is made up of difference-makers. Aim high; make a difference!”
After completion of the 24th Pinning Ceremony on May 3, Executive Director of the Christian Women’s Job Corps (CWJC) of Lee County Neeley Caldwell, honored local ministry volunteers with a luncheon at the Epworth Center of Auburn United Methodist Church. Caldwell commended the volunteers for another successful session of CWJC.
Volunteers present included board members, instructors, meal preparers/servers, and community members who gave special presentations to the participants during the spring session. Coach Thompson urged the volunteers to know their true identity and purpose in order to effectively lead the women they are serving through CWJC.
“To help others, to lead others, you must know yourself. To lead, teach them to ‘FIO,’ or Figure It Out. Teach them to think for themselves and apply their skills for long term life change.”
Thompson relayed the story of Roger Bannister as he sought to break the four-minute mile in 1954. He was told it was impossible, but was convinced by two friends that he should go for it.
“Know who you’re running with; don’t get slowed down by the wrong people. There will always be physical and mental barriers. Conquer the temptation to give up,” Thompson said.
Alabama WMU Representative Pat Ingram showed her appreciation to the volunteers.
“There are twelve CWJC ministries in the state and we could not help these women make lifelong change without our many volunteers,” Ingram said.
A spring 2019 graduate said at her pinning, “I was inspired the most by the volunteers in their attitudes, positive thinking, good energy, humble service, passion and spiritual lives.”