By Beth Pinyerd
For the Opelika

Opelika’s Lewis Cooper Jr. Memorial Library has a wonderful selection to celebrate each season of the year! Three of Santa’s elves, childrens’ librarians, Tim Cooper, Deja Rudd, and Janie Phillips Rudd, have a list of good books for families and children to celebrate this holiday season.
During this season of busyness, festivities, and excitement, don’t forget the gift of reading to your child. How many of us remember poems and stories read to us by our teachers and families? We all have heard stories near to our hearts generation after generation that put us in a nostalgic mood.
The childrens’ librarians have given me a sneak preview of good holiday reading. Here are some good books that have been suggested.
“The Light of Christmas” by Richard Paul Evans – This book is for elementary age children. Alexander and his mother annually would walk to Noel to light the Christmas tree. This year, the keeper of the flame would choose a person who had given the light of love to another person. On Alexander’s way to Noel, he helps a poor old man lying in the snow. His act of kindness is rewarded when he is chosen to light the Christmas tree. This is a book for the whole family.
“The Christmas Boot” by Lisa Wheeler – This Classroom Observer pulled out tissue to gently wipe my tears of joy as I read this book. It will truly touch the hearts of young readers. This story is about a poor elderly woman who on a cold winter day, needed proper shoes to keep her feet warm. Deep in the forest, much to her surprise, she discovered a warm black boot just her size. She wished for the mate. Her wish came true with a matching boot the next morning. Many more wishes were granted by a jolly man dressed in a red suit. We find at Christmas time, a simple wish can bring magic.
“Charlie and the Christmas Kitty” by Ree Drummond – This book is about the author’s dog Charlie. He made up his Christmas list but he did not think about putting a kitty on the list. Charlie learns a valuable open heart lesson that new friends can come in unexpected packages. This delightful book is for children ages 4-8.
“The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers” by Lisa Campbell Ernst We remember the legend of the Gingerbread boy running, running away. Now the Gingerbread girl is ready to race again! Only this time she is running with her new friends, the Animal Crackers! The Gingerbread girl helps them. You will love this sweet twist on a favorite tale!
“Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson – This is a family must-read, a story of a man who leaves his family to go for a simple jog and finds out the world is a dangerous place for a Stick Man. A dog wants to play with him, a swan builds her nest with him and ends up on a fire. Stick Man wants to get back to his family for Christmas.
Other exciting books that you will want to check out during the holiday season:
“The Doll People’s Christmas” by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin
“The Snowbelly Family of Chillyville Inn” by Cheryl Hawkinson
“Home for Christmas” by Jan Brett
“Henry Bear’s Christmas” by David McPhail
“The Very Snowy Christmas” by Diana Henry
“Puppy’s First Christmas” by Steve Smallman and Alison Edgson
“Snow Wonder We’re Friends” by Molly Wigand
“Froggy’s Best Christmas” by Jonathan London
“Miracle on 133rd Street” by Sonia Manzano
“Corgiville Christmas” by Tasha Tudor
“The Animal’s Merry Christmas” by Richard Scarry
“Snowmen At Christmas” by Caralyn Buehner.