Special to the
Opelika Observer

Target’s Opelika store is one of more than 1,000 other Target locations that are being remodeled, part of a nationwide initiative by the company to rebrand and advance its stores to the next generation of store design by the year 2020.
No two remodels will look exactly alike. Target officials said that they are approaching each one with a customized combination of the latest enhancements from their next generation of store design, to meet the unique needs of the store and the neighborhood around it.
Two of Target’s top experts—Joe Contrucci, senior vice president of stores, and Joe Perdew, vice president of store design weighed in and shared details of the rebranding.
Following is a list of general questions and answers regarding the rebranding:
How do you approach a store remodel, and what determines which enhancements each store gets?
Contrucci: There are a lot of factors at play, like where each store is located and what the neighborhood around it needs most. For example, is it near other retailers, coffee shops and restaurants? Do guests usually come on foot or drive their cars? Which products or services are most popular or in-demand? We count on our local store teams to help us understand exactly what their guests want so we can build relevant experiences around that. And we’re always testing, learning and adjusting, so the whole process keeps evolving and getting even better as we go.
Perdew: We start by putting the guest at the center of everything we do, and think about the human, physical and digital aspects of the experiences we want to deliver. It’s like a blank canvas each time. We have to use all of our assets—the building spaces, fixtures, interior design, lighting, products—to tell a story and make the whole shopping trip as easy and inspiring as possible for guests.
What will I see when I walk in the doors?
Contrucci: No matter your store format, guests can expect elements that will enhance the shopping experience. Think brighter lighting, a more modern feel and dynamic vignettes with the latest seasonal trends, exclusive brands, design partnerships and more for guests to discover as they spend time exploring our aisles. Some stores have a renovated Starbucks near the entrance too, so guests can pick up a latté on their way in or out.
Perdew: Every store is different. If yours has two entrances, one will be designed around “ease” and the other around “inspiration.” The “ease” entrance might have features like Drive Up parking spaces, an online Order Pickup counter, self-checkout lanes and grab-and-go grocery and essentials right there as you walk in—everything the guest needs to get in and out quickly.
What are some of the new features my store might get?
Perdew: Expect to see exciting new things inside and out. Guests will find beautiful, enhanced merchandise displays that create ‘shops’ throughout the store. Some stores will even get a center aisle treatment that winds through the middle of the store with displays at varying heights to make them even more eye-catching. The Beauty department looks like a specialty shop that inspires and invites guests to try the products, and in Home, products are on display in lifestyle settings so guests can imagine what they’ll look like in their own homes.
We add concrete floors and wood-plank walls to some stores, incorporate materials like steel and glass and a pop of Target red into the décor, and use pendant and circular lighting treatments with energy-saving LED lights. And those are just a few examples—all to create a warm and inviting experience that’s hip and cool.
How are you investing in my community and the team members who work at my store?
Contrucci: Taking care of our team is so important, because they’re the ones who bring our guests those exceptional experiences every day. We’ve dedicated hundreds of thousands of payroll hours to train them in specialized roles and develop their expertise to better serve our guests, while also giving them the chance to advance their careers. We also raised our minimum hourly wage to $12 this year, and made a commitment to increase it to $15 by the end of 2020.
Perdew: And of course, our investments go far beyond what we’re doing in our store buildings. All year round, we work closely with partners in the surrounding community to provide grants and product donations for local organizations that support families, and our team members volunteer thousands of hours in their neighborhoods. That’s very important to us—we always want to be good corporate citizens and support the communities where our team members and guests live and work.
Can I still come in and shop while the transformation is underway?
Contrucci: Yes! Your store will stay open during the entire remodel process. You might see certain areas of the store temporarily emptied or curtained off as things shift around, or hear a little background noise from the construction—and we know that can be frustrating, so thanks for bearing with us! We try and work on the different parts systematically to make shopping as easy as possible, and our teams go through special trainings to help keep disruption to a minimum while the work is underway. If you have any questions, our team members are always ready to help. And once the remodel is complete, be sure to stop in to check out all the great new features and celebrate with the team.
For more information, visit corporate.target.com.