Provisional ballot count split between both candidates, leaving Wood with 6-point lead

By Morgan Bryce
Associate Editor

Pending certification from both the Alabama Republican Party and Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, Debbie Wood will be the Republican nominee in the race for the Alabama House of Representatives District 38 seat.
Paired with official, certified results from last Tuesday’s runoff elections, 52 provisional ballots were reviewed in special ceremonies held in Chambers and Lee counties today, finding Wood as the race winner by six votes.
In Lee County, Rauch received six votes (one absentee) to Wood’s four, and Wood received the only two votes awarded in Chambers County to preserve her six-point lead.
The race for District 38 was the closest race in the Alabama primary election.
Both candidates shared their thoughts on the results at the conclusion of today’s meeting.
“I’m very humbled and thankful for those votes. Today, I walk out of here as the Republican nominee and I’m going to march forward and I want to bring a conservative voice to District 38,” Wood said after learning of her victory. “I want to thank my family, my friends and Todd for his campaign. I know how hard it is emotionally, physically and I’m just excited about November.”
Following months of hard work and time spent on the campaign trail, Wood she was grateful to move and prepare for November’s midterm elections.
“It was very emotional. I think it was for both sides,” Wood said. “It’s been physical, it’s been emotional and it’s been hard on all of us. Once again, I’m just humbled today.”
Rauch said he was proud of his accomplishments in the race, given his lack of name recognition and political experience.
“Honestly, I feel really encouraged. I came into this race, my first election that (I’ve) run for, with no name ID and against a candidate that was 16 years in politics and a county commissioner,” Rauch said. “We were outspent 3-1 in this race, but we knocked on over 7,000 doors in the district and fell short by only six votes. To come this far in an election and fight this hard, I feel very encouraged.”
Wood will face Democratic nominee Brian McGee in the November midterm elections Nov. 6.
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