I am writing to urge all voters to continue the celebration of freedom by exercising your right to vote in the upcoming runoff election for District 38’s House of Representatives on July 17. Voter turnout is generally low during non-presidential election years and I urge registered voters to change this! YOUR voice is important.
As an educator, I know that Lee County’s TODD RAUCH has a strong desire to represent the people that live in Lee and Chambers Counties. Todd’s plan if elected is to form an EDUCATION COMMITTEE right here to help him make decisions in Montgomery. This committee will be made up of teachers, principals, and superintendents. Todd’s mother is a long time teacher so he has heard from her the frustration of having people that are not in education making decisions regarding our schools. He strongly desires to change this!
Also, not only is Todd a Purple Heart Veteran, he is a veteran that wants more than anything to change the way our veterans are cared for. It is upsetting to him that our states Veteran’s Committee does NOT have a veteran on it. If elected, his goal is to become a part of this committee so that he can use his voice to improve how our state cares for veterans.
I hope to see you at the polls on JULY 17.

Jennifer Krug