By Morgan Murphy
For the Opelika

Harrison Evola and his team at FetchMe delivery have decided to thank their ever-growing community of customers with a full day of free deliveries March 28. They have nearly reached their 12,000th delivery and continue to grow daily. With this growth comes the goal to expand their company to reach more consumers and partner with even more companies. FetchMe not only delivers food orders, but they will run errands and pickup groceries as well. What sets them apart is their attention to detail and their commitment to making life a little bit easier for everyone.
On March 28, when users place an order, it will automatically register as free, requiring no coupons or codes. They wanted it to be as easy as possible to thank everyone who enjoys their services. Participants in the event can place an order on the website,, through the app, or call 334-209-7730.