By Rebekah Martin
Associate Editor

Spirited Art of Auburn has relocated to South Eighth Street in downtown Opelika. Owners Sarah and Vincent Canivez first opened their Spirited Art franchise in 2013.
In May of this year, the parents of two made time for a date night in downtown Opelika. Vincent said it was their evening at MaFia’s and witnessing how busy the area was that initially inspired the move.
“We really like the downtown community and just the environment here,” Sarah said. “We love the atmosphere here and thought we would fit in well. We honestly found ourselves coming to downtown Opelika more than Auburn just because its a good adult and family atmosphere,” Sarah said.
Sarah said they started looking for properties to lease over the summer, and found their ideal space at 114 S. 8th Street between Zazu’s Gastropub and Misch Masch Salon.
Spirited Art offers more than 600 painting options for adults and more than 200 for children. Among the painting options are sunsets, landscapes, floral and animal scenes.
From open studio time on Sundays at 5 p.m. to private parties for both children and adults, Spirited Art wants to offer its patrons a creative and relaxing environment to have fun and learn a skill.
Both Sarah and Vincent, along with their four employees, teach group classes throughout the week. Most classes last just under two hours and costs $35 for adults and $25 for children.
Sarah and Vincent said another reason for the move to Opelika was to accommodate for the expansion of their business to include a beginner woodworking shop modeled after Spirited Art. The Painted Pallet is projected to open next month. Be sure to check the Observer for an upcoming feature article on the new business.
For more information, or to view and sign up for a class, visit