By Morgan Bryce
Staff Reporter

Barbecue is something I crave year-round, but as the coolness of autumn entrenches itself, it starts to become a daily necessity.
Last Friday, my barbecue hankerings were satiated with a brisket sandwich from the Butcher Paper BBQ food truck, which was set up at the corner of First Avenue and Eighth Street in downtown Opelika.
Butcher Paper BBQ is a mobile catering business owned and operated by Opelika native Mark Coxwell. In an interview with Coxwell earlier this year, I discovered that he is a man dedicated to his craft, and is constantly searching for new influences, styles and approaches to his barbecuing style.
Friday’s selections were diverse, and had a little something for everybody.
On last week’s menu were plate and sandwich meals, which included meats like pulled pork and chicken, ribs and brisket, and delectable side options of macaroni and cheese, potato salad, cole slaw and more.
Cooked in classic Texas style, the brisket was exceptionally seasoned. The Lone Star State is noted for its use of dry rubs in its barbecue, and Coxwell successfully brought those tastes east. Along with a squirt of hickory sauce, I entered the gates of barbecue heaven, blissfully unaware of whatever else was going on around me as I tore through my sandwich.
My adventurous mom and sister tagged along with me, and chose different dishes so that we could try a bit of it all.
My mom stuck to a standard pulled-pork sandwich, which didn’t disappoint. Possessing a thick bark and noticeable smoke-ring layer, the meat also was juicy and tender, setting it apart from most.
My sister chose the BBQ Macaroni and Cheese plate, which is a heap of pork piled on top of a bed of macaroni and cheese. The smokiness of the pork paired well with the incredibly homemade tasting macaroni and cheese.
I would rate my meal and the samples of my mom and sister’s meals as a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
For more information about Butcher Paper, like and follow the business on Facebook and Instagram. Hours and locations may vary, so check back on their page each week for updates.