Dear Editor:
I read with interest your report in the May 31 issue of the Observer concerning Flags for Vets.  I already have a flag pole but the lanyard was badly frayed and needed to be replaced.  I contacted the founder of Flags for Vets, Jamie Popwell and told him my story and asked if he’d consider taking on the project of replacing the lanyard.  He responded that he’d love to take on that challenge and we made plans for him to come to my house and survey the situation.
He arrived at the appointed time, looked the situation over, and immediately got to work. He had the pole down and the old frayed lanyard off and the new lanyard in place in short order and said he’d put up a brand new flag. I said I had one and showed it to him. He noted that mine was pretty faded and went to his truck and returned with a much nicer flag. He took a couple of pictures, thanked me for my service and was on his way.
I was very impressed in two respects.  One is the mission that Jamie Popwell has embarked upon (i.e. installing flag poles for vets) and the efficiency with which he completed my project.
I’d like to encourage everyone to check out Jamie’s web site  For more information about Flags for Vets,
Hal Cummings