By Rebekah Martin

Associate Editor

The recent threats against Alabama schools have made their way to Lee County. A person on Facebook identified as “Kaleb Klown” made threats of violence against Beauregard High School and Opelika High School this morning.

Recent threats across the state have proven to be hoaxes, but school administrations are taking precautions. According to Becky Brown, Opelika City Schools public relations coordinator, the schools are aware of the threats, have notified the local authorities and are taking the necessary precautions.

These local threats come after a rash of clown sightings that began in North Carolina and South Carolina last month, and have spread to Kentucky, Georgia and now Alabama, with the latest being in the Birmingham and Montgomery areas. Auburn Police responded to reports of clown sightings at Auburn University yesterday and the Anniston Star reported that a Pleasant Valley, Ala. teenager was arrested Monday for making similar threats online.

Update: An arrest has been made in this case. A 16-year-old Beauregard student has been arrested in connection with online threats made against county high schools on Facebook yesterday. The suspect is being held in custody at the juvenile detention center.