Dear Editor and
Citizens of HD 79,
Tuesday, Sept. 13, we, the citizens of HD 79, had the opportunity and responsibility to engage in civic action on behalf of our community by voting in the special primary election for the representative for HD 79.
In the election, voter turnout was 12 percent. The winning candidate got 6.2 percent of HD 79 registered voters and 4 percent of eligible voters.
Four responsible and worthy candidates offered their candidacy for the office. That speaks well for HD 79 as a local political community that attracts capable candidates. The candidates did their part and we owe each of them recognition and appreciation for their willingness to participate in our civic life at this highest level. We, the citizens, did not perform as well.
In the hierarchy of civic participation, voting is the least costly investment we can make in our political civic life. Working for a candidate, contributing financially, placing a sign in the yard or even wearing a button are all higher forms of political civic participation. Running for office is the highest.
Fortunately, even with voter default, HD 79 will have a capable representative because qualified candidates assumed the burden of seeking public office.
We, the citizenry, can and must assume greater responsibility in the civic life of our community.
Gerald W. Johnson, President
Spirit of Democracy