By Fred Woods

Ken Busby’s fight to run for Lee County Commission, District 1, hit another snag this week when Probate Judge Bill English ruled his petition to get on the November ballot did not contain the required number of registered voters. Busby needed verified signatures of 159 registered voters from District 1 and came up about 60 signatures short. So his name will not appear as a Constitution Party candidate on the general election ballot.
In an Aug. 30 news conference, English explained in considerable detail the petition review process he followed in verifying the petition signatures and distributed annotated copies of the petition. Busby, a second generation military veteran, after expressing his disappointment, thanked his supporters for their efforts and encouragement, as he and his family decide their next actions.
He said, “State laws restrict the civil rights of those wanting to run for elected office forcing them to meet stringent requirements not placed on the major party candidates.” Busby urged everyone to contact their state leadership and ask them to make ballot access in Alabama fair to all who are qualified and desirous of running for public office.