By Fred Woods

The undefeated and top-ranked Opelika Chiefs picked up a win last week without working up a sweat. The management of last week’s opponent, the Florida Saints of Panama City, faced with injuries to several key players, decided to forfeit a game they would probably lose anyway rather than risk further injuries to their depleted squad.
The forfeit, together with this week’s bye week, means the Chiefs, now 7-0, will be well rested before playing their final three regular season games. This should work to the Chiefs’ advantage as all three of these opponents are in the APDFL top ten.
Our Chiefs will travel to Troy to play the ninth-ranked Alabama Spartans, a division rival, on April 30.
The final two opponents have both been ranked no. 1 in the league earlier this season; both are Atlanta-area teams.
The Georgia ‘Canes, currently ranked no. 6, will be a road game on May 7 while the Metro Atlanta Horsemen, now ranked no. 4, will visit the Chiefs on May 14 at Beulah High School stadium for the final regular season game.