Dear Editor:


Lately, several articles regarding the spay and neuter clinic in Montgomery have been published.  Is there is a misconception that is being perpetrated on “we the unknowing public?”  I think yes.

First, the Alabama Animal Alliance, Inc. spay and neuter clinic is a nonprofit entity run by veterinarians – who have many years of experience – and have been in private practice themselves. Incidentally, they are Auburn graduates.

Secondly, the surgeries are not done by substandard techniques not taught in vet school. As a matter of fact, the animals are given more human treatment than some local clinics provide. They are given pain medicine, as is not actually required, along with their yearly rabies vaccinations.

This clinic offers responsible pet owners spay and neuter for their animals at a nominal fee which some owners would not have done due to the cost at the local vets. The only difference is the pet is sent home the same day.

Thirdly, these procedures are not done at an unknown location. When you pick up your pet, you are told where to pick up your pet if there is any problem. You are welcome to bring your pet to the clinic, too.

One of the articles indicated how pets are picked up by a van by someone they don’t know. Well – if a parent were to take a child into a hospital for a tonsillectomy that child wouldn’t know the nurse and or doctor that carry the child to surgery. What is the difference?

This mobile spay and neuter clinic is a 501 (c) (3) organization. They get no financial help from other organizations. These concerned vets could be in private practice with a much more lucrative salary; however, they choose to help cut down on the over population of unwanted animals who could either be killed on the road or die of starvation in the woods.

Yes, our animals do deserve to be cared for in a facility that is operated by licensed veterinarians, and they are. I wonder if greed could be a motivating factor in this controversy.

Anyone interested in knowing more should visit the Alabama Animal Alliance, Inc. website at



Alice Scussel