By Auburn Terry
Junior Reporter

Opelika’s Wood Duck Heritage Preserve recently received its newest addition to the land: a bridge built by Opelika’s own Will McDonough.

McDonough, a senior at Opelika High School, said he is very proud of what he has done for the Preserve and hopes the bridge, finished Feb. 8, will get plenty of use over the years. McDonough said he considers the construction of the bridge, an Eagle Scout project, a major accomplishment, and he is very glad he built it.

“I wanted to do something with conservation in mind, and the Wood Duck Preserve was the ideal spot,” McDonough said.

McDonough said he wanted to give back to the Preserve and bring in the community to the land through the construction of the bridge.

Roger Johnson, an advocate and caretaker of the Wood Duck Preserve, said he is beyond thrilled to have McDonough’s addition as well. He said that, with the bridge, patrons are able to cross the Rockybrook Creek and get a view of nature from a different perspective than land.

The mission of the Preserve is to promote Opelika’s natural land and showcase nature and life in a peaceful environment. With the addition of McDonough’s bridge, the seven-year work in progress is advancing into the creation of even more plans.

“We want to encourage the community to take part in the land,” Johnson said.

“It’s a beautiful place with a lot of potential to become even bigger and better,” McDonough said.

McDonough said he is extremely humbled to have his hard work pay off in such a special way that will benefit the city of Opelika.