There is a turning point in every kid’s life where he chooses what type of person he wants to become. Middle school is usually the playground for making such determinations.
Believe me, I would never want to return to that stage of development, nor be part of the staff of this establishment trying to lead children down the right path. Hats off to you teachers and faculty.

No matter how efficient this group may be, there will always be kids who choose to buck the system. The result of such a decision is often times played out in the classic bully scenario: children displaying

aggression toward what may appear to be the weaker individual.
Some say it is to establish a human pecking order, somewhat like a flock of chickens in a pen.
Often times, a bully actually rounds up bystanders to witness such aggression, showing out in front of peers to look cool and tough.

This group, not wanting the same inflicted upon themselves, will go along with the set-up, thus

reinforcing the bully’s confidence that his actions are okay and acceptable behavior.
The question we ask is: what may have caused this aggression?
There may have been circumstances out of their control that hurled them in a bad direction.
If they were mistreated and victimized in the past, why would they want to inflict the same on anyone else?

It’s back to the pecking order; you peck on me, so I, in turn, peck on someone else.
Interestingly, the parents may be totally unaware and side with their little bully. They have made it thus far by establishing a victim status and some have become very proficient at lying their way out of any situation they have created.

Bottom line – if something is not done at this point of development to change the bully mindset and actual path of such an individual, the attitude will be set in stone.

And, a word of advice to you up and coming bullies:

Watch a flock of chickens sometime and observe their social behavior. What goes around, comes around.

For one day, you may peck on the wrong chicken and end up on the bottom of the proverbial pecking order. And, don’t forget, behind that chick you are picking on stands a watchful, protective Mother Hen.

– Debra Pruitt
Opelika, Ala.