Why do vaccine rights matter?


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Opelika Observer

The Nuremburg Code guarantees personal autonomy. If we allow legislature to violate our rights to medical freedom, it completely nullifies the entire healthcare industry. Private medical choices are between a patient and their doctor – politicians have no right to insert themselves in the medical choices or religious beliefs of the constituents who elected them.
The newly proposed mandate, HB592, would remove religious exemptions from the state of Alabama. We need to remember that the United States was founded on freedom of religion. Alabama has prided itself on holding firm to our religious convictions when other states seem to have lost their moral compass altogether.
Our constitution protects those of us that object to forced vaccination policies based on our religious practices and standing firm in our conviction that our bodies are our own – rights that are afforded to us by God and the constitution.
There is a lot of misinformation out there concerning the “vaccine hesitant community.” Our choices are not stating that we care less about the health of our children, but standing up against a tyrannical government that would force policy making our bodies property of the state. For instance, when you skip the flu shot, you are using your medical freedom to do so. It’s important to understand that protecting those choices now guarantees future generations will also have the right to say what is put in their bodies. There are currently more than 200 new vaccines in development. You might be comfortable with the current CDC schedule as it stands today, but you still should be given the choice to decide on any of these new vaccines they might want to add to that schedule later. And that’s why vaccine choice matters.
Here at Alabama Coalition for Vaccine Rights we advocate for the protection of our Constitutional Rights to personal autonomy through informed consent. We are a grassroots movement powered by the knowledge that vaccines do cause harm and the reality of that harm means that there must be choice. The core of our efforts is to bring awareness to vaccine injury, promote informed consent through vaccine education, and protect individual rights to vaccine freedom.


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