Second Saturday at Pioneer Park. . . making hominy

Patty West and Charles Mitchell with the Lee Co. Historical Society prepare a batch of homemade hominy made over an open fire at Pioneer Park. They will try another batch on the Second Saturday in January.

Contributed by Lee County Historical Society

Ever tried to eat dried corn?  Native Americans and settlers learned how to turn those hard kernels into a delicious and nutritious meal by making hominy, a slow, tedious process of cooking in a big iron pot. Weather permitting, the Second Saturday in January, Jan. 9, will feature a demonstration of hominy making at Pioneer Park. On the second Saturday of every month, volunteers and re-enactors gather at Pioneer Park to demonstrate their arts and crafts. Blacksmiths are usually working at the forge, spinners and weavers are upstairs in the Trade Center and someone is always cooking up a period meal in the Cook House or outdoors over an open fire. The Trade Center Museum and other museums are open on Second Saturdays, and the Whistle Stop Pickers gather to practice their dulcimers at 1 p.m.  What a great opportunity for visitors to explore the museum and enjoy a period meal from the Cook House at noon. Special events and craft workshops are scheduled whenever possible. If you have ideas for Second Saturday events or would like to participate, contact Andrea Crowder (email:; phone: (706) 518-3609).

About Lee County Historical Society

Pioneer Park and Second Saturdays are hosted by the Lee County Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, presentation and education about local history. All visitors are urged to wear masks and a keep social distance. Most activities will be outdoors, weather permitting. More information can be found at


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