It’s All the Rage in Opelika

Opelika Rage Room is set to open this summer. Its sister location, the Birmingham Rage Room, opened in 2021. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO




Located at 1510 2nd Ave. in Opelika, Opelika Rage Room is set to open this summer.

“We are excited to offer Opelika’s first ever rage room and give the city we love a new and fun activity to experience with friends and family,” said a statement on Opelika Rage Room’s website. “One thing we really like about Opelika is that you’re seeing entertainment for adults, families and college students. Growth is happening and we think that this location will be a great one to build our next location.”

What is a rage room? Pretty much what it sounds like.

“A Rage Room is a place where anger and stress find their ultimate release point,” the website explains. “A reinforced room designed with smashing items in mind. Just imagine everything as a kid you were told ‘not to break,’ well … we are flipping the script and totally encouraging it.”

At Opelika Rage Room, participants gear up and smash a room full of donated items with metal bats, hammers, mallets, hand sledges and more (nothing with a sharp edge). Participants can break things such as cameras, computers, file cabinets, furniture, glasses and bottles, printers, old toys and electronics, speakers, TVs, etc.

Group sizes typically range from one to six people, with one exception. Groups of one to four participants have a 30-minute time slot, while groups of five to six have 60 minutes to do their damage. The time blocks include check in, rules, gear prep and smashing, so try to arrive 5 to 15 minutes early to maximize smash time.

The exception to the six person-maximum rule is Opelika Rage Room’s Splatter Room, which entails 45 minutes of making a mess — rather, art — with paint. The paint, and a canvas, are supplied by Opelika Rage Room. This activity has a minimum age of 5.

For Opelika Rage Room’s two normal rage rooms, participants must provide a photo ID, wear closed-toe shoes and be at least 13 years old. Walk-ins are welcome, however booking reservations online is encouraged.

Pricing ranges from $35 for one person to $210 for six people. Packages for purchasing additional breakables are available; a cosmic range (where neon fluorescent paint-coated breakables are provided and black lights are turned on) promises an experience like no other; and you can even BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakables) as long as they fall under the rules found on Opelika Rage Room’s website.

For more information, visit Opelika Rage Room on Facebook and Instagram, or the website:


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