EAMC surpasses 30,000 vaccine doses


Contributed by EAMC

Following 1,369 more injections earlier this week at the Community Vaccine Clinic, EAMC now stands at 30,519 total vaccine doses administered since Dec. 15. Of that total, 21,674 have received one dose and 8,845 have received both doses. EAMC’s total is 3.97% of the state’s 768,000 doses administered as of Saturday.

 As a reminder, vaccine time slots will be more difficult to schedule for the next couple of weeks because the 10,206 people who received their first dose between  Feb. 1 and 19 started returning for their second dose today. Assuming EAMC is able to continue receiving its supply of vaccine, the clinic will continue providing 1,200 or more doses each day, Monday through Friday, through at least the end of April. To self-schedule an appointment, visit www.eastalcovidvaccine.com/login.    

 Hospitalizations lowest since early November

Over the weekend, COVID-19 hospitalizations reached a new post-third-peak low by recording 26 patients each day. It inched back up to 28  earlier this week, but 26 COVID hospitalizations was the lowest since November 7. “Our overall census has remained pretty high, but part of that is a result of catching up on the inpatient elective surgeries—such as a total knee replacement—that had to be postponed last month when our COVID peak was at 92,” said John Atkinson, EAMC spokesman. 

 “With the COVID census down, we are planning on loosening our visitor restrictions one day this week,” Atkinson said. “Our group working on that is finalizing a few changes so we will announce the new guidelines separately when they become official.” 


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