Democrats focus on impeachment as border crisis worsens


Special to the
Opelika Observer

Congressman Mike Rogers made the following statement last week as Democrats continue to call for impeachment while the national security and humanitarian crisis on our Southwest border with Mexico continues to worsen by the day.
As of now, U.S. border patrol agents have caught more than 56,000 unaccompanied minors trying to cross our border this fiscal year. Over 56,000 – that’s roughly the number of everyone in Anniston, Oxford and Jacksonville.
House Democrats continue to refuse to address the major issues facing our southern border.
“I recently proposed legislation to provide the $4.5 billion in additional funding for humanitarian response and border operations that the Administration requested, but Nancy Pelosi blocked that bill 15 times, without offering any other solutions,” Rogers said
Recently, even the New York Times Editorial Board acknowledged the humanitarian crisis at the southern border and urged Congress to address it. “By continuing to delay the funding, House Democrats are jeopardizing the health and safety of the folks they claim they want to help just to have a political issue against President Trump,” Rogers added.
If the Democrats refuse to address this crisis within the next month, government agencies will run out of money to care for the unaccompanied children at the border.
“The time is now to deal with this crisis, and I call on House Democrats to stop pursuing their impeachment fantasy and start addressing real issues that America faces. They cannot continue to ignore this crisis,” Rogers said.


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