Kali Bryan Chadick and her team at Kali Bryan Chadick – State Farm Agency are supplying free holiday gift wrapping this year to help anyone who may be in need.

“This is really just a community event that we wanted to do to give back a little bit,” she said. “The marketing that we get from it is great but that’s not the intention. This is open to current customers or anyone in the community that needs a little extra help or wants just a little extra help over this time.”

Chadick said that their team would love to give back to first responders and their families, single parents, seniors or anyone in need in the community.

“We know that the cost of wrapping is certainly something that is a concern for some people,” she said. “And so, we’d love for people to use what they can to buy the gifts then let us do the wrapping and we provide all the supplies.”

However, Chadick also said that those who can afford it, but don’t have time to wrap gifts, can give an optional donation. The money will be donated to the Humane Society or Toys for Tots.

“Then if anybody wants to look at saving money on their insurance or just look at shopping their insurance, we’re also giving an additional $10 per quote to one of those charities of their choice, if we get a close out of it,” she said. “So it really just is, across the board, something for us to try to give back to the community a little bit during this holiday time when things are so crazy.”

Chadick said that it will be her and two team members wrapping over the next few days.

Their are signups available online here:

Dropoffs will take place through the end of Dec. 16 and pickups through the end of Dec. 17. When dropping off a gift, pickup must be at least five hours later.

“I’m afraid that people are afraid to sign up because they think [it is need-based], it’s really not,” she said. “It just really is us trying to give back to the community, so I just hope that anyone who wants or needs, but particularly but just wants to, too, [will sign up]. It’s not a charity event, it’s a community event. We just want to do what we can to help cut down on some of the craziness of the season.”