1. The lion named Cecil was recently killed in what African country? (a) Kenya; (b) Somalia; (c) Zimbabwe; (d) Nigeria; (e) South Africa
2. Don Gambrill, formerly a successful swim team coach at the Univ. of Alabama, admits to having hunted and killed a lion and what other African animal? (a) gorilla; (b) rhinoceros; (c) elephant; (d) cheetah; (e) crocodile
3. The widespread use of what probable cancer-causing chemical is believed to be responsible for a 90 percent decline of monarch butterflies? (a) Roundup; (b) DDT; (c) malathion; (d) diazinon; (e) parathion
4. The residents of what large city were recently warned not to use their tap water for drinking, cooking, bathing, or brushing their teeth? (a) Cleveland; (b) Sacramento; (c) Toledo; (d) Buffalo; (e) Charlotte
5. The reason for the warning in no. 4 was contamination of the water by what toxic agent? (a) an amoeba; (b) a bacterium; (c) a virus; (d) an algae; (e) a spirochete
6, A poll conducted by an Alexandria, Va. firm revealed how many Alabamians of those surveyed favored a vote on gambling? (a) 30 percent; (b) 40 percent; (c) 56 percent; (d) 67 percent; (e) 89 percent
7. The poll revealed what percentage favored a lottery to support education? (a) 50; (b) 55; (c) 65; (d) 70; (e) 80
8.What percentage were opposed to a plan to give the Porch Band of Creek Indians a monopoly on gambling in the state n exchange for a monetary loan to the government? (a) 23; (b) 35; (c) 45; (e) 75
9. What percentage agreed with Gov. Bentley’s proposal to increase taxes to solve the state’s budgetary problem? (a) 63; (b) 50: (c) 41; (d) 34; (e) 23
10. The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a rule to clarify which streams and wetlands constitute “Waters of the United States,” the so-called WOTUS RULE. Perennial streams, those having no surface flow during periods of extreme drought, and isolated wetlands in upland areas would be protected under the rule. The president of what organization strongly opposes implementation of the rule? (a) Alabama Farmers Federation ( ALFA); (b) The State Chamber of Commerce; (c ) The Business Council of Alabama; (d) Alabama Power Company; (e) Tennessee Valley Authority
11. Which of the above opposed re-authorization of Alabama’s Forever Wild Program, which was ultimately re-authorized by the Legislature?
12. Worldwide, the hottest year on record was (a) 2004; (b) 2010; (c) 2012; (d) 2013; (e) 2014.
13. The country’s largest reservoir is 114 feet below full-pool. It was created by a dam on what river? (a) Colorado; (b) Red; (c) Snake; (d) Trinity; (e) Missouri
14. Pellets containing the bacterium Thuringiensis israelensis are toxic only to larvae of (a) Japanese beetles; (b) butterflies and moths; (c) mosquitos and midges; (d) horseflies: (e) houseflies
15. Which of the following is least likely to suffer from rabies? (a) raccoons; (b) bats; (c) skunks; (d) opossums; (e) house cats
Answers: 1,c; 2,c; 3,a; 4,c; 5,d; 6,e; 7,e; 8,e; 9,d; 10,a; 11,a; 12,e; 13,a; 14,c; 15,d
Score: 13-15 correct, exceptional; 10-12 correct, not too bad; 7-9 correct, average for I-phone addicts; below 7, shameful.
Bob Mount is a Professor Emeritus with the Department of Zoology and Entomology at Auburn University. He is also chairman of the Opelika Order of Geezers, well-known local think tank and political clearing house. He writes about birds, snakes, turtles, bugs and assorted conservation topics.