By Anna-Claire Terry
Staff Reporter

The Opelika Planning Commission met on June 23 to vote on several topics.
After some debate, the commission decided to recommend the approval of use of alcohol by Asian Cusine Inc., located at 3750 Pepperell Parkway. The debate was over the decision to allow only beer or wine or to also allow liquor. The decision was left vague with simply “alcohol,” and the City Council will make the final decision on what type of alcohol will be allowed to be served.
The Commission also approved a conditional use request by L &L Holdings Inc., for an outdoor rental storage area  located at 3807 Pepperell Parkway.
A public hearing will be held for text amendments on the subdivision regulations. For revisions made upon final plat approval, developers or subdividers must provide a Performance Security to the city engineer for the remaining final layer of asphalt, paving and sidewalks to be valued at 125 percent of the actual cost of the remaining items for a term of two years or when at least 75 percent of the lots have been constructed with one year optional extension. A maintenance/ warranty bond must also be provided with a value equal to 25 percent of the total infrastructure construction cost that runs concurrent with the performance security of the remaining infrastructure, plus one year after. A motion to accept these amendments was approved.
The commission put to a vote whether or not to vacate the western part of the public alley between Clearmont Circle and Rocky Brook Road.  The two adjacent property owners to the east of the alley did not oppose the vacation of the western portion as long as they continue to have access to the eastern portion of the alley. There are no plans to improve the alley. A motion to vacate was approved with the understanding that the commission needs to receive confirmation that the property owners understand they will no longer have access to the Clearmont Circle portion of the alley after the vacation is completed.
Also approved at the meeting were amendments to the Future Land Use Map.
Requests for extensions of preliminary plat approvals for 89 lots on South Uniroyal Road and five lots on Northbrook Drive were approved.