By Rebekah Martin

Assistant Editor


The Opelika Senior Center went on an exciting field trip Aug. 9. The seniors traveled to Montgomery for a special tour of The Mann Wildlife Learning Museum.

According to, “the Mann Museum was originally built in Opelika by George P. Mann, a recognized authority on the outdoors and animals of North America.” The museum was purchased by and relocated to the Montgomery Zoo in January 2003.

The outing was sponsored in part by Opelika Councilman Larry Gray. “Spending the day with the members of the Samford Senior Center was a super experience,” Gray said. “It brought a good feeling over me to see the joy on their faces.”

Mary Strickland, who serves as the supervisor for the Samford Senior Center, said the trip was an exciting outing for everyone who attended. “We all had a wonderful time,” Strickland said. “We are very appreciative of all those who helped make this field trip happen.”

LuElla Fox and Jackie Pinkard, both of the Lee-Russell Council of Governments, were also able to accompany the group on their tour. Fox and Pinkard work for the Area Agency on Aging department of the LRCOG. “The purpose of the aging program is to help keep our senior citizens engaged in the community,” said Fox. “Even though they are rare, trips such as last Friday’s excursion are doing just that.”

Gray said he thoroughly enjoyed the quality time with some of Opelika’s seniors. “It was really enjoyable to sit and talk with them and soak up all their knowledge and experiences,” Gray said. “I pledge that my friends will never have to wait years between outings again.”

Pinkard said the group of seniors had a great time visiting the Mann Museum. “They talked about the exhibits and all that they had seen the entire trip back to Opelika,” Pinkard said. “They will remember this trip for a long time.”