My family has lived without the internet for several months. Our previous provider was just not reliable, and we were paying entirely too much for the sketchy, sometimes nonexistent service. They came to check it countless times, would wiggle some wires, install a new cable and tell us we needed an upgrade.

We finally gave up. We continued our cable service but resolved ourselves to live without the worldwide web.

This presented a problem because we need to be connected.

Our son has a very special friend in New York. He gets cranky when he can’t see her occasionally, if that means only on a computer screen.

We have precious family in South Carolina. We don’t get to see them as often as I’d like (which would be every day if I had my way). Internet allows us to watch our two little grand darlings dance and sing. Until there is a way to hug them long distance, Skype is the next best thing. We needed Internet for that.

I communicate with the outside world through Facebook and text messages. It may be a sad reality, but it’s true. I rarely use my phone to actually talk to anyone. I probably use less than an hour of actual minutes per month. I just don’t talk that much – hard to believe, I know.

My daughters need to use the Internet for school. They are still elementary and middle school age, but the net is the new library when it comes to reports on Susan B. Anthony and current events. I believe within a few years Youtube will make higher education obsolete.

I’m almost serious! If you don’t believe me, Google anything you want to learn to do – there is a Youtube video to show you. I learned to crochet a flower and make the most amazing green bean dish by looking both up on the Internet. Who needs college?

I have said all this only to have the opportunity to brag once again about my town.

This week at the appointed time, 8 a.m., the Opelika Light and Power trucks pulled up in my driveway. Three very polite and professional young men greeted me and wasted no time getting started putting in our new cable and Internet. Within a couple of hours, they had our service up and running.

The lightning bolt on the new city logo hits the mark. The service is awesome. My hubby kept saying, “Wow!” last night as he channel surfed, and the Internet is that fast.

To say we are impressed is an understatement. I particularly like the option to have a ticker at the bottom of the screen that keeps up with community events. I may never miss another thing!

I love our community. It is a wonderful place to live, work, worship and raise children.

I applaud all the people who have worked for years to make us what we are. We are blessed, Opelika!