It’s sometimes okay, even necessary to blow your own horn. Growing up in a fairly genteel Southern home (I guess that means “poor but proud”), you got taught that it wasn’t nice to brag on yourself. But you quickly learn that you can’t get very far in today’s world with that philosophy. Wish we could let others toot our horn, but that doesn’t work too well.

So, here goes some horn blowing:

We got three awards from APA the first time we tried!

We (us owners and staff) thought we were doing okay. You, our readers, have been very generous in your praise, even some of you who are professional journalists, but it’s always good to get public recognition from your peers in the profession.

Cliff and Robert are good at what they do. We already knew that.

But now all the members of the Alabama Press Association know that, too. And that reflects well on the rest of our writers and photographers.

A part of winning any contest is having a feel for what the judges are looking for, so with this year’s experience we ought to do well next year, too. We know our standards are going to remain high.

But, lest you think we are getting carried away about awards, rest assured that our primary goal remains to be the best community newspaper to Opelika and the Lee County community that we can possibly be.

That’s the way we would like for our readers (and advertisers) to judge us and, if you think we deserve it, continue to award us your subscriptions, your advertising copy and your good will.


Fred Woods