One year ago, following the deadly tornadoes that ripped across the state, people throughout Alabama came together to help their neighbors. Surrounded by devastation, Alabamians rolled up their sleeves and looked for ways to help. One way they responded was to line up in great numbers to donate blood.

Blood was available immediately for the tornado victims, thanks to those who donated before that day of destruction. Those donors who responded to the tragedy by giving blood helped to quickly replenish the state’s blood supply in a time of great need. LifeSouth is the largest supplier of blood products in the state.

The need for blood never sleeps. Accident victims, cancer patients and those undergoing surgery need blood every day. It’s today’s donors who meet those needs and keep us prepared for the next emergency.

To all of those who donated blood one year ago, we at LifeSouth offer both a thank you and an invitation to come back and see us. Your community, your friends, neighbors and family members are counting on you.

Nancy E. Eckert

President and CEO

LifeSouth Community Blood Centers, Inc.