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OPELIKA — Opelika Parks and Recreation has launched a $7.2 million project to renovate Floral Park, located on Floral Street. The project, which will begin in February is expected to take 10 months to complete and will feature several pavillions, multi-purpose athletic fields, a splash pad, extra parking and an “inclusive” playground.
One of the reasons for the renovation is in response to the lack of space and parking in current recreational areas like Moore Stadium and Municipal Park. Instead of trying to make cramped spaces work for overpopulated areas, Parks and Rec decided to renovate Floral Park.
Municipal Area Supervisor Matt Battles said he is excited and hopeful for the project to begin.
“It was a great answer [to the problem],” Battles said. “Hey, let’s move. Let’s take the pressure from the Sportsplex soccer program. We can put some of that over here and then we can also use the [area] for our football league within parks and rec.”
Floral Park will be inclusive for all ages and will provide accessible play equipment for children with disabilities. There will be concrete walkways, and turf will be under the playgrounds.
“When we were designing this, I said, ‘Everything’s got to be shaded,’” Battles said. “You can get on it at two o’clock in the afternoon during the summer, and of course there’s [the] splash pad …”
Battles, an Opelika native, said the Floral Park project is an exciting investment in future generations.
“It’s really neat to grow up here,” Battles said. “I live in the house that I grew up in, which is half a mile up the street. So, being a part of the change and revitalization of areas that I grew up as a kid going to is just really neat.”
The project is an investment that will serve the people of Opelika for many years to come, he said.
“Opelika is thriving, growing,” said Sam Bailey, director of Opelika Parks and Rec. “To do that, you’ve got to offer people recreational opportunities, and I think we’re heading in the right direction here.”