LEE COUNTY —The new year is starting with a bang for Lee County with potential Beulah Quarry back on the agenda for the commission.
Tara Brumfield and Mary Kilgore approached the Lee County Commission Monday night to discuss “rumors of a settlement” for the Beulah quarry, according to Brumfield.
“I’m here tonight to seek answers, [the] status and/or progress of the quarry hearing,” Brumfield said. “This commission has not been very forthcoming with information since the zoning was approved almost three years ago.”
Over three years ago, in 2020, concerns in Beulah were raised over a potential quarry by Creekwood Resources LLC.
The quarry would be located in Beat 13. A long series of fights and events took place which led to zoning in Beat 13 that presented some restrictions on companies such as Creekwood.
Now, residents are concerned that the quarry may still come to fruition.
“The master plan of Lee County stated that land of current use would be grandfathered in, and zoning enforcement would move forward as issues arose,” Brumfield said. “Intent does not establish use. … The quarry has never had to go before the committee that I am aware nor have anything approved to rezone.”
One of the issues Brumfield presented was information from Alabama Power.
“In Oct. 19 of 2022, Alabama Power issued a notification of a power outage for line upgrades,” Brumfield said. “Alabama Power listed a number to call. I called to get further explanation and the gentleman listed to call stated that Alabama Power was needing to upgrade the lines in preparation to supply three phase power to the quarry.”
This occurred again on Dec. 5, 2023. Brumfield said that Alabama Power did not return her call on this occasion.
“With all this being said, nothing has been shared publicly with the people of Beat 13,” she said. “The lack of communication and/or notifications has created a lot of confusion and wonder. Many questions are always asked. Some of them being, why has zoning not been used against this quarry? Or has it? Where does everything stand? Is there going to be a quarry or not?”
Brumfield said that if a quarry happens regardless of zoning, she would like the zoning reversed. Following Brumfield’s and Kilgore’s presentation, County Attorney Stan Martin addressed the commission.
He let everyone, including Brumfield and Kilgore, know that the situation could not be discussed due to pending litigation.
Brumfield did, despite concerns, thank the commission for all it’s done to prevent the quarry.
“Just because I haven’t been present, does not mean I have forgotten about the quarry, zoning or most importantly, the people who live in Beat 13,” she said. “I do want to take a moment to thank you for everything done thus far regarding the quarry situation. Your efforts are appreciated.”


  • The commission heard the second reading for the second position on the Smiths Station Fire Protection District Board.
  • The commission discussed ways in which to notify voters about polling locations.
  • The commission approved a contract with Government Services Alabama LLC to audit personal property accounts.
  • The commission approved a transfer of a retail beer & retail table wine license for The Corner Store (in District 4) for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.
  • The commission heard the Rebuild Alabama Fund Annual Report from County Engineer Justin Hardee.
  • The commission approved an update for the FEMA flood damage prevention resolution.
  • The commission approved a promotion consideration for the assistant Highway department superintendent.
  • The commission approved a promotion consideration for the chief building official.
  • The commission amended a resolution clarifying the extending county benefits for appointed Board of Registrars.
  • The commission approved a resolution authorizing Avenu Insights and Analytics to administer and collect taxes.