I’ve raised questions with the Lee County Commission in person, as well as via email, and have yet to receive any responses. The people elected seem to be comfortable with not speaking with the public as shown by their lack of communication with their constituents. Maybe they can respond to us by making the issues public in print. 

What is our county commission trying to hide by continuing to not air public comments? Shortly before removing the public comments, the county received funds from the American Rescue Plan. The district two commissioner at the time (Sarah Brown) stated in a meeting she would put together a document people could fill out requesting funds connected with the ARP. 

What ever happened to the list Ms. Brown was compiling for people requesting funds from the American Rescue Plan? Previous district four commissioner (Robert Ham) stated they had no immediate plans to use the funds, yet plans to improve water infrastructure were being made at that time. The commissioners also approved a $5 million project to upgrade the judge’s suites at the courthouse along with the HVAC during this time.

These are just two questions I’m still asking nearly three years later. Others I know of have been waiting longer for a response. Lee County is considered one of the top counties in the state of Alabama. Why can’t we have top level representation from commissioners who at least answer questions brought up by their voters?

Rudy McCumsey

Lee County