On May 24, Alabamians will vote for their respective party nominees in federal, statewide and local primary races. The contest that will determine who becomes Alabama’s next United States Senator is arguably the most consequential in that the presumed frontrunner, Katie Britt, will be an unmitigated disaster for conservatives.

On paper and on camera,Britt presents herself as a safe and down-the-line conservative who loves God, guns and freedom. In other words, she speaks our political love language or at least wants us to believe that she does. 

In reality, Mrs. Britt is incapable of representing the people whose approval she seeks, especially conservatives who are the backbone of Alabama’s electorate. Why is that?

Because Mrs. Britt is a creature of Washington D.C. and the big business lobby. For years, she served as Sen. Richard Shelby’s chief of staff, pushing him to vote for one trillion-dollar spending boondoggle after another, working hand-in-hand with Democrats to push our national debt to its now unfathomable $30 trillion. 

Like Senator Shelby, Mrs. Britt has never seen a taxpayer dollar she hasn’t wanted to spend or hand over to her well-heeled lobbyist friends on K Street or at the pro-amnesty Chamber of Commerce.

When Mrs. Britt wasn’t helping Sen. Shelby direct Alabamans’ hard-earned tax dollars toward federal programs and agencies that we now know are weaponized against us and our children, she was working hard behind the scenes to resurrect the corrupt process of earmarks wherein lawmakers engage in shady deals with lobbyists to barter our tax money away for special favors.

During Mrs. Britt’s tenure as Sen. Shelby’s chief of staff, Shelby voted against a conservative effort to balance the budget by 2024, voted in favor of nearly $3 trillion in omnibus pork spending, voted for $650 billion in food stamp spending without work requirements, voted in favor of maintaining the Obama administration’s “Waters of the U.S. rule” to crush Alabama farmers, raised the debt ceiling multiple times and perhaps most egregiously, voted against repealing Obamacare’s Title I regulations responsible for doubling or tripling our health insurance premiums.

And when Mrs. Britt finished inflicting her damage on all of us from Washington, she took over as head of the Business Council of Alabama where she then proceeded to immediately lobby in favor of a massive $300 million gas tax hike on Alabama families.

Vote after vote that Sen. Shelby made with Katie Britt as his chief of staff facilitated the left’s war not just on our wallets, but on our way of life. And those decisions are now hitting all of us hard as Washington’s reckless debt, profligate spending, burdensome regulations, radical ideologies and crony favoritism to big businesses drive prices higher and make daily living more and more unaffordable.

Alabama must send someone to Washington who will stand firm and look the corrupt establishment in the eye and say “No.” We cannot send someone who gleefully helped spend away our children’s future, maintain the Obamacare policies driving our premiums through the roof and raised our gas taxes as inflation ravages our household incomes.

We are two weeks away from choosing our next senator, Alabama. Save our families. Save our future. Fight back by sending whoever has the best chance between Mike Durant or Mo Brooks.

For Alabamians and especially for conservatives, it’s anyone but Britt. We can’t afford her and we certainly can’t trust her.

Drew White is a former U.S. Senate staffer and lives with his wife and children in Auburn, Alabama.