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Recently, Birmingham-headquartered Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys invited the public to design a new look for the firm’s iconic billboards featured across the southeast. Founder and CEO for the national law firm, Alexander Shunnarah, better known as “The Billboard King,” founded the law firm in 2001 and has consistently engaged the public through his ubiquitous, creative, bold and impactful billboard designs since the inception of his law firm. 

 The successful billboard design contest came to a close on Oct. 30, with 276 billboard designs submitted from over 200 applicants ranging in age from 7 to 82. Submissions came from all over the nation. 

While the top three designs will win the prizes outlined in the contest rules, Shunnarah has since decided to send all of the applicants a Shunnarah swag pack as a token of his appreciation for their participation and extremely creative and intuitive designs.

“I am absolutely amazed by the talent and creativity in all of these billboard designs,” said Shunnarah, president and CEO of Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys. “Looking through each of the designs, I was blown away by every applicant’s hard work. I appreciate the time and thought each of the participants put into this design competition.”

The top three winners all followed the contest’s strict rules and guidelines. Additionally, they each created something that was “Big, Bold and Impactful” as the contest rules stated. The three winners are Madison Wilson, Brianna Bryant and Santoria Dunlap. Due to their impressive creativity, Shunnarah has decided to display each design on a billboard this year.

 The first-place winner is Madison Wilson, 16, from Auburn, Alabama. Her design is entitled “State your Claim” as a play on words for personal injury claims and Alexander Shunnarah being the best attorney in the state of Alabama. Wilson also will receive a $1,000 VISA gift card as a first-place prize and her design featured on one of the digital billboards.  

 Brianna Bryant, 25, from Hoover, Alabama, is the second-place winner with her design “Call me AL” focusing on Alexander Shunnarah’s branding while introducing a new and eye-catching font. As the secondplace winner, Bryant has earned a $500 VISA gift card and a Shunnarah swag pack.

 Third-place winner is Santoria Dunlap, 24, from Dothan, Alabama. She wins a $250 VISA gift card, and a Shunnarah Swag pack, for her billboard design titled, “Fight for Justice”.


Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys is committed to protecting the legal right to be compensated for individuals who have suffered loss, accidents, or injuries the chance to rebuild their lives after misfortune. The practice was founded on the belief that the civil jury system is the best means to provide compensation and deter wrongdoers from injuring others in the future.

With over 300 attorneys and staff, the firm has a vast knowledge and experience in handling all types of claims for clients who have been injured. The firm consistently recovers substantial settlements in lawsuits involving personal injury, auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, social security disability, pharmaceutical litigation, drug recalls, medical devices, and mass torts throughout the United States.The premier, award-winning, and nationally recognized firm has represented over 60,000 clients and recovered over $700 million for them to date. The firm prides itself on providing outstanding legal advice and excellent representation for their clients.