By Hannah Lester 

The Auburn University Board of Trustees voted to approve the demolition of the Hill dorms during its meeting Friday morning. 

The Hill dorms, comprised of 14 buildings, were constructed in the 1960s and 1990s.

“Given the age of the Hill Residence Hall complex, Student Affairs has determined that investing in a major renovation of the residence hall on the Hill would not be cost-effective,” said Dan King, associate vice president for Facilities. “Having said that, the area of campus where the Hill Residence Hall Complex is located is extremely valuable to the university as a site for future academic buildings.”

Four of the dorms, Toomer Hall, Dunn Hall, Dobbs Hall and Grave Hall will be demolished this upcoming spring.

Hollifield, Duncan, M, Burton, Knapp, Dowell and Leischuck Halls will be demolished in Summer 2022. 

Sasnett, Terrell and Boyd Halls, however, will not be demolished. 

Phase I of the project, which includes the demolition of the first four dorms, will cost the university $2.5 million. 

Phase II, which includes the demolition of the remaining seven dorms, will cost the university $5 million. 

College of Human Sciences 

The board approved the College of Human Sciences Clinic Renovation and Relocation Project Friday morning. 

“The project will relocate the academic and outreach programs from three College of Human Sciences clinic buildings: Early Learning Center; Marriage & Family Therapy Center; and the Center for Health Ecology & Equity Research and the College of Education EAGLES program to other facilities on campus; and … these relocations are required to allow for the new University Student Housing project to be built on the site of the existing buildings, which will be demolished,” the board materials said.

This project will involve renovating the Dawson building for the relocation of the Early Learning Center program.

The second floor of the Research Park Building I, will be renovated for the Marriage and Family Therapy Center and the Center for Health, Ecology and Equity Research.

And, finally, Suite 136 Foy Hall will be renovated for the EAGLES program.

The cost for the project will be $5.51 million provided by general funds.

Other Business: 

  • The board approved a resolution for the Image and Character of Auburn University, Second Edition, which will guide property and facility guidelines for design. 
  • The board approved the final project approval of the Duncan Drive Extension and Infrastructure project. 
  • The board approved the North Auburn Research Equine Research Facility addition architect selection.
  • The board approved the Transformation Gardens project architect selection. 
  • The board approved the Plainsman Park Player Development Center project architect selection. 
  • The board approved the Auburn Arena Women’s Basketball Locker Room Renovation project architect selection. 
  • The board approved the McWhorter Center Gymnastics and Softball Team Area Renovation project architect selection. 
  • The board approved the Jordan-Hare Stadium WIFI system replacement project.
  • The board approved Phase I of the Village Residence Halls Repair and Refurbishment project for Matthews and Aubie Halls. 
  • The board approved the AUM Science Laboratory Renovation project Hazardous Material Abatement. 
  • The board approved a resolution to purchase property in Shorter, Alabama. 
  • The board approved a property exchange between Auburn University and the USDA Agricultural Research Service. 
  • The board approved a change to the faculty personnel policies changing some language, including language relating to tenure policies. 
  • The board approved the posthumous Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education to Federico Alberto Foster.
  • The board awarded a recognition of Dr. Harold A. Franklin, Sr. and his life to his son,