Courtesy of
Opelika City Schools

Opelika City Schools released the following statement on Tuesday:

“Based on COVID-19 updates to the OCS head nurse and in consultation with local
physicians, Opelika City Schools has determined it is best to move Opelika Middle School to remote
learning beginning October 7 and ending on October 12. This is not a quarantine. Instruction will
continue on Chromebooks through Google Classroom. This is a time to create separation among
groups. The current cases are isolated; however, we feel that moving to remote learning will help us
to reduce the potential for an increase in the total number of cases. All students and staff should
plan to return to school on Tuesday, October 13.

“Overall, the Opelika City Schools are in good shape regarding positive cases of COVID-19.
Opelika Middle School has isolated cases and has recently experienced an uptick in positive cases.
The remote learning period will help create separation and potentially flatten the curve with new
positive cases. In order to continue face-to-face instruction, it is critical for everyone to continue to
wear a mask, social distance, and not gather in groups.

“We appreciate the efforts of our teachers, staff, students, and families in helping us continue
learning both in person and virtually.”