By Will Fairless
Associate Editor

Pharmavite, a producer of dietary supplements (most notably Nature Made vitamins, minerals and other supplements) with a factory in Opelika, is giving back to the community this September.

The company’s corporate office has given its east Alabama branch money to go back to its host community every year since Pharmavite established its presence in Opelika in 2013.

“We have a long history of giving back to the community since we’ve been in Opelika,” said Les Davis, human resources manager at the Opelika Pharmavite location. “Especially here in Opelika, we have a number of veteran employees, so we do a lot of giving back to the veterans.”

Davis said that this year on Sept. 11, Pharmavite wants to focus on giving back to Opelika’s first responders. The company will be purchasing and distributing gift cards to every member of the Opelika police, fire and sheriffs departments.

“Our point is just so they could get themselves a meal on 9/11,” Davis said.

The gift card idea benefits more than just the cards’ recipients, by design. All of the gift cards will be purchased from local restaurants as opposed to large chains.

“We love our Chick-fil-A as much as the next person, but we’re gonna be focused on locally owned businesses in Opelika,” Davis said.

The gift cards will be given to the departments this week to be distributed among their employees.

“I want to make sure the focus is on the providers, on the first responders and businesses and everything,” Davis said. “We just want to say thanks to the people who protect us.”