Special to the
Opelika Observer

Most heroes don’t appear until you need them. We don’t give them much thought until we’re in a crisis, and our gratitude often fades quickly as we get back to our normal lives.

During these last several weeks in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen an outpouring of gratitude for the 90,000 men and women who work in Alabama’s hospitals. Communities have showered them with meals, prayers, extra masks and lots of blue lights and various colored ribbons. These gestures have meant the world to our hospital staff members and have provided the strength to sustain their super hero abilities.

As someone who represents hospitals in this state, I could not be more proud of their efforts and want to take time during National Hospital Week to encourage everyone to thank them and to continue to support our healthcare heroes long after this virus is gone. Again, most of us hope we never have to go to a hospital, but when we need one, we want a good one nearby. 

While we may take for granted the fact that hospital employees and their doctors are there every day and night of the year waiting to care for us, they don’t take us for granted and are always ready to help.  It’s what they do.  It’s in their DNA to care for people when they are most vulnerable.

So, while I encourage you to take a minute this week and thank someone you know who works at a hospital, I also urge you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers throughout the year.  They do extraordinary work on a daily basis to keep our communities healthy and safe.

Donald E. Williamson, MD, President
Alabama Hospital Association

Montgomery, Alabama