BID# 20019
Sealed bids for the construction of the General Roadway Improvements shall be received at the Opelika City Hall Conference Room,
204 South Seventh Street,
Opelika, Alabama, until 2:00 p.m., local time on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, and then publicly opened and read aloud. All interested parties are invited to attend. Only bids from competent general contractors will be considered. At the time of contract award, the
successful bidder must be a properly licensed general contractor. No bid will be
accepted from anyone except a qualified Contractor licensed by the State Licensing
Board for General Contractors.
Principal items of work include but are not limited to asphalt and concrete removal,
excavation, roadbed processing, installation of curb and gutter, installation of sidewalk, installation of storm drainage inlets, and erosion and sediment control. The Opelika Engineering Department will make every effort to have work located, prioritized, schedule, and grouped in order to optimize the mobilization of the contractor. Work shall begin within 10 days of each “Notice to
The total contract length shall not exceed 360 calendar days.
Drawings and Specifications may be examined at the Office of the City Engineer located at 700 Fox Trail, Opelika, Alabama. Phone number: 334-705-5450
Bid documents may be obtained from the Office of the City Engineer at no charge as an electronic file if the bidder supplies a storage drive or as an email attachment or electronic drop box.
The bidder’s proposal must be submitted on the complete original proposal furnished to
him/her by the City of Opelika. All information in the proposal must be completed by the bidder for the
proposal to be accepted.
A Bid Bond in the amount of five (5) percent of the bid amount made payable to the City of Opelika must accompany each bid. Performance and Payment Bonds for the full contract sum will be required of the successful bidder. The right is reserved by the Owner to reject all
Bids and to waive irregularities.
Envelopes containing bids must be sealed, marked, addressed as follows, and
delivered to: Lillie Finley,
Purchasing-Revenue Manager,
City of Opelika,
204 South 7th Street,
P.O. Box 390,
Opelika, Alabama, 36803-0390.
Attn: General Roadway Improvements
POST OFFICE BOX 390 (36803-0390)
PH: (334) 705-5120
Legal Run 03/18/20, 03/25/20 & 04/01/2020