I must admit, I am a musical theater snob. I adore nearly ever musical ever made. So, when it comes to way off Broadway musical productions, I tend to walk away from the theater a bit flat.
Saturday, I attended Opelika Theatre Company’s production of ‘Nunsense, the Mega Musical.’
Now, if you attended Catholic school, like yours truly, seeing a whole gaggle of penguins in one room makes you want to sit up straight with your feet on the floor, eyes forward and hands to yourself. So when the cast entered, hands clapping and habits swinging, I knew this was not your mama’s Catholic school production.
The Reverend Mother, played by Marty Moore resembled Sister Joan from my youth, somehow failing to step into the 20th century, but trying. Moore captured this role brilliantly, even brought back my own memories of “rush,” though I’m sure I never recieved as many laughs after inhaling.
Sister Hubert was played by a newcomer to OTC, Dawn Mosely, and when she belted out the first few lines of “Holier Than Thou” I knew I was not seeing the last of this talented woman.
Cathy Mayhugh portrayed Sister Robert Anne and her stage presense was simply outstanding. And when Sister Amnesia (Chelsea Lawrence) brought out that puppet! I don’t think there was a single audience member who didn’t let out a belly laugh. Molly Blackman, who played Sister Leo, also commanded the stage with her lovely voice, and of course Sister Julia – Child of God (Sandy Waldo) added just the right touch of color to the whole production.
There were so many wonderful performances by the cast members. The children were just precious with their rendition of “Grease Lightning,” I found myself doing the hand jive right in my seat. And the ensemble! What can I say – one as talented as the next.
I must say, dear readers, this theater snob was more than pleasantly surprised this evening, and I dare say OTC’s production of Nunsense was their most advantageous and successful undertaking to date. And frankly, if you, like me, weren’t sure if a small town theater company could pull it off – I’m here to tell you they absolutely did, and I’m thrilled to have witnessed it.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is the little theatre company that could! And tonight – they did.
Their next event will be “Haunting of the Southside Speakeasy,” a murder mystery dinner theatre event on Feb. 14. Tickets can be purchased online at squareup.com/store/OpelikaTheatreCo.

Till Next Time,
Mary Burger
Society Reporter