By Robert Noles
Photojournalist for the Opelika Observer

Members of the Lee County-based One Voice Shelter Coalition recently renovated a house in the Beulah area, their first major construction project.
Home for the Homeless
The OVSC was organized last May to seek out and provide shelter for homeless individuals in Lee County. OVSC president Jean Causey said that there are people in Lee county that work but cannotprovide themselves a place to stay, with some living in forested area or old buildings in the Auburn-Opelika area.
Such people are recommended by the Lee-Russell Council of Government and names are given to the One Voice Shelter Coalition to assist in providing these individuals a roof over their heads while they are having hard times in their life.
The One Voice Shelter Coalition meets once a month and the next meeting will be in February at the EAMC Resource building at 3 p.m. Those interested in partcipating are invited to attend.
On Jan. 24 at 11:30 a.m., local and government leaders will meet at Lakeview Baptist Church. Lunch will be provided.
They need partners to assist in donating houses, apartments, building or land. People to donate their time and materialsto assist in these efforts
For more information, contact Jean Causey by phone at 334-749-5264 or email or Selaena Daniel 334-750-0741 or email at