Dear Editor,
I wrote an open letter to Congressman Mike Rogers. It is below:
Dear Congressman Mike Rogers,
On Monday, I telephoned your office to find out when you plan to have a Town Hall or time for meeting face-to-face with constituents during next week’s recess.  I was told you would be doing “committee work” and will be unavailable to meet with anyone next week.
On Tuesday, I heard Greg Walden (R-Oregon), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, announce that he had held five Town Halls in the last two weeks.  He wanted his constituents’ input on the very important legislative actions which are coming up soon.  If Rep. Walden can make time for his constituents, why can’t you?
The Third District elected you to represent us (and to get paid by our tax dollars for doing so.) Isn’t it important to meet with us and listen to our wishes and concerns?  I urge you to change your plans and make time for the people you represent.
Anne Kerr